Our mission is to create a beautiful, relaxing and peaceful space for our guests to enjoy the multitude of benefits of dry salt therapy (aka as Halotherapy).  You can expect a soothing experience that captivates your senses:  you will be surrounded by the warm, soft, inviting light illuminating the Himalayan Salt Bricks on the walls, you'll feel the crunch of small salt rocks under your feet, you'll breathe in and taste the light salty essence of the ground salt in the air, as you lean back in our Zero-Gravity Loungers and listen to the calming sounds of soft music. You might find it a little cool as you're winding down, so we provide warm blankets for your comfort. After your session, you can expect a little salty taste on your tongue, and maybe a thin layer of salt on your clothes. The effects of salt therapy vary, and depend on your specific ailments. Some guests feel immediate relief, while others need more than one session to reap its full benefits.  

What Can I Expect
From My Session?

How Many Sessions
Will I Need?

The frequency and number of sessions depends on several factors, including the severity of your conditions, exposure to your triggers or allergens, and your own personal healing speed. It would be difficult to guestimate, but you should be able to determine that yourself, based on the relief you feel.

What Kind of Salt Is It?






Pink Himalayan Salt Bricks form the walls around the perimeter of the room, while coarse ground pink and white salt rocks comprise the floor. In the halogenerator, Pharmaceutical Grade Salt (Sodium Chloride) is precisely ground into micro-sized particles that is dispersed into the air. 

Dry salt therapy is effective due to the property of the Sodium Chloride (NaCl). The purer the salt, the higher percentage of sodium chloride, and the more effective the salt will be in providing the characteristics of being super absorbent, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Pure sodium chloride is natural mined salt that eliminates all the trace elements, minerals, dirt and debris so you are left with 99.99% pure sodium chloride.

Is Salt Therapy Safe?

Salt Therapy is completely safe. It is a 100% natural, drug free, non-invasive wellness ritual with no side effects or potential health hazards. If an individual has any questions or concerns regarding any current medical or other condition, please consult with your health care professional.

Is Salt Bad for You?

Some people are concerned about the intake of salt because of issues relating to diet, high blood pressure and hypertension. That type of salt intake is connected to the digestive track. Dry salt therapy is different, as it is associated with the respiratory system instead. When inhaled, the amount of micro salt particles entering your respiratory system is so extremely low that it doesn’t present any risk to your health. It actually kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and expands airways.

Is Salt Therapy for Children?

Salt therapy is safe for children, and actually is a highly recommended natural treatment for allergies, asthma, acne, and other respiratory & skin conditions. There are no potential harmful side effects. The treatment is suitable for children of any age (as young as 1 month old). Children, in fact, respond to the therapy even more quickly than adults. During a salt therapy session children play with toys, read books and interact with other children. We even offer sessions geared just for children!

When Should
Salt Therapy
Be Avoided?

• Existence or suspicion of cancer
• Any kind of infectious disease
• Acute respiratory disease
• COPD with 3rd stage of chronic lung insufficiency
• Coughing of blood/bleeding
• Infections accompanied by fever

• Hypertension in IIB stage
• Any form or stage of tuberculosis
• Chronic kidney disease
• Severe Heart Disorders
• Open wounds
• When intoxicated by drugs or alcohol

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